The Original Scrapbox Workbox Review

Not your mama’s scrapbook! Stay organized with The Original Scrapbox!

The Original Scrapbox Workbox

If you are anything like me, your scrapbooking “supplies” consist of some junk thrown in a drawer with your kid’s crayons, and random bills that you have never opened. I have always wanted to get organized enough to have all my scrapbooking supplies in one place, but our house is so small, and there is just not enough room! Until now, that is…

When I was invited to try out a product called “The Workbox” from The Original Scrapbox company, I was thrilled! Surely something called “The Workbox” would provide a small area for me to get organized, right? Oh. My. Goodness. I was completely blown away! This was not some tiny little workbox! The Workbox, my dear friends, is simply amazing and is every crafter’s dream. There are drawers, nooks and spaces to store and organize all of your stuff! There are no other words!

When it is closed, The Workbox is just about 3 feet wide and looks like a simple cabinet or armoire hiding all of your stuffs from sight. But, when you open it, oh, the glory! It opens up through it’s bifold doors to reveal a total of nine feet of organized storage space! It also comes with a collapsible work table and adjustable shelves, drawers and storage for everything you can imagine! I am in heaven!

Assembly wasn’t even too bad! My husband helped and honestly, what took the longest was inserting the shelves! We were both impressed and even a little surprised how well made and sturdy the Workbox is!

A time-lapse video of the assembly of The Workbox

I absolutely love all the little storage drawers, shelves, racks and carry totes! The drawers even have see through fronts so you can always see what you have! I also love the clear zipper pouches on the inside of the doors. They are 20 of them and comes in 3 sizes which I think they are a nice touch! The Workbox even comes with wheels to make it transportable around the house. Wonderful!

I think I literally have everything I own stored in the Workbox! It’s like my own little home inside my home! Anytime my kids or hubby ask me where something is, I say “In the scrapbox!” I love the extra space that my house has now that it’s all stored neatly away!

If you are thinking of buying a Scrapbox, just know that it is a big expense, but it really is worth it. Not only is it a great place to store all of your supplies, but it is a really beautiful high-end piece of furniture that looks great in any room! I would totally recommend a Scrapbox for any fellow scrappers out there! You won’t be sorry!

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  1. Heather says

    Oh. My. Goodness! What a fantastic product! We live in an amazing time today, don’t we? I love how the Internet has let us share ideas and provide solution to problems for each other.

    I sew, scrapbook, and craft. These are all very hard hobbies to keep organized and mess free. I have some towers of plastic bins in the corner of the family room, but it looks hokey and cheap and I still don’t have enough drawers for everything. I was afraid that adding more drawers would just turn the family room into one messy-looking, sprawling space.

    But the scrapbox is beautiful – in appearance and design! I love the appearance of the panel. It makes it look like a real piece of furniture that looks like it belongs. I also love how the manufacturer made great use of the vertical space. That’s something I’ve learned in my years of apartment dwelling…build upward! And it compacts down to just a few feet. Love, love, love this!

    I do have to admit that I checked out their website and the price is a bit steep. To be honest, that’s the only thing stopping me from ordering one of those. But I can imagine saving up the money and getting it. It would be well-worth the cost. Maybe they could also offer a “particle board” cheapy version?

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