Choosing Egg Donation When All Else Fails

Egg Donation

I take a deep breath then forcibly stop my foot from tapping on the waiting room floor. I am holding a prescribed bottled of Valium. My bladder was going to burst. Feeling my dry mouth and very thirsty, I realize more water isn’t an option right now. The nurse had given strict instructions not to […]

How To Teach Kids About Money

Kids And Money

Mom of 3 and author of “Hard Core Poor” shares some simple tips on how to teach children about money, management and financial responsibility. I’ll be honest – I have a 13 year old, a 10 year old, and a 2 year old, and I was shocked to realize how much I had forgotten between […]

How To Raise Caring, Competent And Confident Children

Confident Children

A child has the right to be taught everything that will equip him with the skills he needs later in life. Training your child to care will help him connect to the world around him. Guiding him to complete competency will help him be a constructive part of the world. Allowing his confidence to grow […]

25 Great Reasons To Breastfeed Your Baby

Great Reasons To Nurse

We’ve all heard that ‘breast is best’ for infant feeding, but what sets breastfeeding apart? Nursing is the normal way to feed a baby, but it’s so much more than just food. It’s perfect nutrition along with comfort, warmth, touch and connection all in one. Beyond the embodied experience of holding your baby to your […]

Canola Oil Vs Olive And Coconut Oil

Canola Olive And Coconut Oil

Until about a hundred years ago, most of the vegetable oils that we see every day at the grocery store didn’t even exist: the only fats used for cooking were butter, lard and sometimes olive or coconut oil, depending on the region. Sunflower oil or soybean oil didn’t exist, because there wasn’t the technology to […]

How To Stop Menopausal Hot Flashes

Menopausal Hot Flashes

When you were younger, you always wanted to be a “hottie,” but as you get older, suffering from menopausal hot flashes was probably not what you had in mind. If the fluctuating hormones of the “change of life” are leaving you too hot to handle, read on for some cool advice. What Are Hot Flashes? […]

Can I Still Breastfeed With Breast Implants

Breastfeed With Implants

Can I breastfeed with implants? Frequently asked questions and answers to moms’ concern on breastfeeding after breast augmentation. For whatever reason, you had breast augmentation surgery in the past. At the time, you may not have even considered a nursing baby in your future. But now that you’re pregnant or holding your baby in your […]