Walking 10,000 Steps A Day – Making It Work!


There is no avoiding the fact that regular exercise is the key to maintaining our weight and improving our health. Still, like most average people, we are stumped at where to begin and how to fit a regular workout into our already crammed schedule and our already stretched-too-thin budget. To lose weight and nurture a […]

Top Breastfeeding Books For First Time Moms

Preparing To Breastfeed

So you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby – what a wonderful choice! While you know it’s best for your baby, you may have questions or concerns. How can you learn more? Where will you turn when you have problems along the way? Even though it’s the natural next step after birth, breastfeeding can be difficult, […]

Addressing Low Self Esteem In Little Kids

Low Self Esteem

Low self-esteem among teens can lead to a host of problems as they mature. Research suggests that adolescents with low self-esteem are at increased risk of growing up and exhibiting poor health and criminal behavior, and they live with decreased economic prospects. Low self esteem can start at an early age and grow over time. […]

Natural Labor Induction: Ways To Induce Labor Naturally

Labor Delivery

If you’re in your last month of pregnancy, labor may be at the forefront of your thoughts. You are wondering when it will start, how long it will be, if you’ll be able to handle the pain. Plus you’re not feeling so comfortable anymore – your back hurts, your abdomen feels stretched beyond anything you’d […]

21 Ways To Stretch Your Money For More Grocery


Get more groceries, spend less money, eat well. Today, we’re taking a look at over twenty can-do ways for saving on your grocery bill. Markdowns Seek out day-old baked goods: At many grocery store bakeries, day old baked goods are marked down 50% or more. If you are going to re-cook breads, such as by […]

What To Look For When Buying Your First Infant Car Seat

Buying Infant Car Seat

These days we have so many options when it comes to baby gears, and car seats are no exception. A baby car seat is a modern necessity and most hospitals in the United States won’t let you check out unless you demonstrate that your newborn fits properly in their car seat. Some hospitals even have […]

Valuable Lessons Young Kids Can Learn From Playing With Toys

Playing With Toys

Have you ever sat down with your child and really payed attention to what they are saying and doing while playing with their toys? Especially while playing in a group? The lessons are astounding! Try it someday, I guarantee you will be amazed by what your little one is learning, even with the simplest toys […]

Weight Loss Hypnosis: Mom Loses 140Lbs With Hypnosis

Weight Loss Hypnosis

Many individuals who are trying to lose weight have heard anecdotes and stories about common individuals and celebrities who used hypnosis to shed the pounds. But does hypnosis really promote weight loss? Are there credible case studies of instances where individuals lost weight and keep the pounds off as a result of hypnotherapy? According to […]