Canola Oil Vs Olive And Coconut Oil

Canola Olive And Coconut Oil

Until about a hundred years ago, most of the vegetable oils that we see every day at the grocery store didn’t even exist: the only fats used for cooking were butter, lard and sometimes olive or coconut oil, depending on the region. Sunflower oil or soybean oil didn’t exist, because there wasn’t the technology to […]

How To Stop Menopausal Hot Flashes

Menopausal Hot Flashes

When you were younger, you always wanted to be a “hottie,” but as you get older, suffering from menopausal hot flashes was probably not what you had in mind. If the fluctuating hormones of the “change of life” are leaving you too hot to handle, read on for some cool advice. What Are Hot Flashes? […]

Can I Still Breastfeed With Breast Implants

Breastfeed With Implants

Can I breastfeed with implants? Frequently asked questions and answers to moms’ concern on breastfeeding after breast augmentation. For whatever reason, you had breast augmentation surgery in the past. At the time, you may not have even considered a nursing baby in your future. But now that you’re pregnant or holding your baby in your […]

Tips To Help Your Child Become Independent

Independent Child

From a very young age, your little one will start showing signs of wanting her independence. The typical age this starts is around 18 months, but it really gets kicking (literally) at around 2 years. Hence the name the “terrible two’s”. Anyone who has been through this stage will know that you spend just about […]

Renovations: Do-It-Yourself Or Don’t-Do-It-Yourself?


A quick scroll through your cable channels will reveal that do-it-yourself (DIY) renovation projects are incredibly popular. Television makes DIY projects look quick, clean, easy and cheap. Sometimes this is true. Sometimes these shows are not telling you the whole truth. The key, as a do-it-yourself-er, is to know the difference. When you are considering […]

18 Simple Ways To Save Money On Diapers, Wipes And Formula

Diaper Savings Tips

Most parents have one thing in common – sticker shock from the price of baby necessities. Namely, the price of formula, diapers and baby wipes. Babies can literally go through cases of these items in a month. When you tally it all up for a month, you will be surprised that the amount you are […]

Teaching Your Kids Responsibility Using Positive Pedagogy

Teach Kids Responsibility

Responsibility sounds serious, especially when we think of children. But what does it really mean to be responsible? One of the most popular misconceptions associates responsibility with obedience. In other words, we want children to do what we expect or require them to do. However, this approach does not leave much space for real learning […]