Mom Types

A moms group is a great resource and support group for new and even the most seasoned mothers. Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom, we all need a place to compare notes, create opportunities for your kids to make friends or maybe you just need an outlet to vent. […]

Spaghetti Squash

Spaghetti squash is an interesting vegetable to say the least. Not only is it ever-so-tasty, but the uniqueness in that when you cook it, the flesh comes out looking like strings of long spaghetti. Some may say that’s just strange, but we call it “delicious.” Whether you are a spaghetti squash veteran or a newbie, […]

Toddler Diarrhea

Be ready, as the following information about your child’s poop may make your stomach turn, but it is the truth about toddler diarrhea. How common is toddler’s diarrhea? Colored stool: what are they? Should I be worried? What are the possible causes for a toddler to have diarrhea? What are the symptoms of toddler’s diarrhea? […]

Le Creuset Pot

It began innocently enough. We got engaged. Then we got married. We invited lots of people to the wedding – most we liked, some were obligatory guests. One of the obligatory guests included my boss at the time – a self-important, snobbish woman well past retirement-age. Back then, I never would have guessed that her […]

Homeschooling Your Child

Homeschooling – It’s not just for the weird neighbors. What do you know about homeschooling? What you know about your neighbor’s cousin’s neighbor does not count. Twelve children and mom in a denim jumper reciting Bible verses? Nope. Homeschooling can be tailored to suit ANY family. Hi, I’m Amy, the weird homeschooling neighbor – mom […]

Stretch Marks

In a world where the race for the perfect body and flawless skin is endless, stretch marks can easily turn into the bane of your existence. There’s nothing wrong with you because you have stretch marks, and doctors don’t treat the marks as a medical condition. In fact, 40 percent of men and 70 percent […]

Gluten Free Dinning

One thing Disney restaurants are good at is accommodating individuals with special dietary needs. Those who must go gluten-free have several options to accommodate their diets while at Disney World, so the trip can be painless with a little know-how. First Thing’s First… Email to open up dialogue immediately. Contacting a Disney specialist prior […]

First Trimester Tips

10 nuggets of advice to help expecting moms make it through those first twelve weeks. Congratulations! You just found out you have a baby on the way! Let the happy dancing ensue! Oh, wait…what’s that feeling? Nausea you say? Nausea is just one of the symptoms many of us experience in early pregnancy that can […]

Pregnancy Foods

The A to Z guide of healthy pregnancy foods for moms-to-be. Congratulations, you’re pregnant. Pregnancy is such an exciting, but often anxiety producing time. We worry about so much during these nine months. I honestly think many women are more anxious during this time period than they will be for most of the next eighteen […]

Kid Doing Chores

Turning chore time into fun time for the kids. Definition of Chore: routine task: a task, especially an ordinary household task, that has to be done regularly unenjoyable task: something that is unpleasant, difficult, awkward, or boring to do Chores are something that we as adults view as a part of normal everyday life. It’s […]