Which Formula Is Best For Supplementing Breastfed Babies

Formula For Breastfed Babies

If you are a parent, or an expectant parent, then you’ve already heard the news – breastfeeding is the best option for your baby. However, sometimes it is difficult, or even impossible, for a woman to breastfeed 100% of the time. The reasons for choosing to supplement breastfeeding with formula are different for every family. […]

How To Have An Easier And Shorter Labor: 10 Tips

Easier Labor

When you’re reaching the end of pregnancy, it’s normal to wonder what labor will be like and how you will manage to give birth. This is especially true for first-time mothers. But even women who have given birth before question if labor will be shorter or easier than previous births – maybe even worrying that […]

15 Ways To Stretch Your Tight Baby Budget For More

Stretch Baby Budget

You have a baby on the way, but you don’t have a lot of extra money. There are bills to pay, expenses to cover, and now you are faced with the shocking price of equipping your home to welcome your new prince or princess. The good news is that you don’t have to be rich […]

Why Teaching Social Skills To Young Children Is Important

Good Social Skills

What Exactly Are Social Skills? These are the skills that are necessary in order to develop positive relationships with others, learn to work well with others, and to build self confidence. Everyone needs to feel, at some level, the acceptance of their peers – that is, a sense of belonging. This is achieved during the […]

Top 10 Dollhouses For Toddler Girls (Age 2 to 6 Years Old)

Dollhouse Play

Here’s a selection of 10 high-quality dollhouses with developmental benefits that will appeal to toddlers and withstand a lifetime of play. Dollhouses are timeless and full of activity. How many hours did we spend engrossed in our own dollhouses growing up? Of course these classic toys still endure today with our own kids, and this […]

Books To Help Develop Toddlers’ Speech And Language Skills

Speech And Language Development

A list of good books that will help promote reading as well as encourage speech and language development for the young toddler or preschooler. Read-Aloud Titles Babies learn to understand language by listening to the voices around them. Singing to babies and toddlers and encouraging them to sing along as they are able develops language. […]

Walking 10,000 Steps A Day – Making It Work!


There is no avoiding the fact that regular exercise is the key to maintaining our weight and improving our health. Still, like most average people, we are stumped at where to begin and how to fit a regular workout into our already crammed schedule and our already stretched-too-thin budget. To lose weight and nurture a […]

Top Breastfeeding Books For First Time Moms

Preparing To Breastfeed

So you’ve decided to breastfeed your baby – what a wonderful choice! While you know it’s best for your baby, you may have questions or concerns. How can you learn more? Where will you turn when you have problems along the way? Even though it’s the natural next step after birth, breastfeeding can be difficult, […]