Smart Couponing Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Find Multiple Sources For Coupons

Make your buck go farther by taking advantage of the many sources that provide coupons. Your first resource is the Sunday paper. Many people have cut back on newspaper subscriptions in recent years, preferring to get news online. As a result many newspaper companies have new subscriber specials and have a Sunday paper only subscription program. The Sunday paper is a major source for getting coupons on everyday products.

CouponingPrinting out coupons online has become a very popular source for coupons in the last few years. Website like let you search through a database of coupons and select the ones that you want to print. These often are similar to the coupons available in the newspaper allowing you to save more money on your favorite products. In addition to these coupon databases, many companies offer printable coupons on their websites. For example, if you want to buy a certain ice cream brand, visit the company’s website and see if they offer any coupons.

Other coupons can be found on packages in the store, or placed in dispensers along the aisles. The interior or exterior packaging of many products include coupons, so inspect the packaging before you toss them away.  Company Facebook pages periodically offer coupons and free samples. Often times if you sign up for free sample offers they come with coupons for the product included.

Match Coupons With Sales

The stores in your area should send out weekly circular ads on the deals that they have available for the week. If you don’t get these ads in the mail many stores post their weekly sale ads online. Look at the sales available at your preferred store and match your coupons with the sale. This can lead to extra savings on many household necessities. Some of my favorite coupon deals are when you can buy one item and get one free and use a coupon in addition to the store deal to maximize your savings.

Get premium coupons in the Savings ClubMany blogs and websites specialize in matching coupon and weekly store ads. Using these resources can help you organize your shopping trips. Find a blog that lists the ads and coupon match ups for your local grocery chain. This will help you catch any deals that you may have missed and save you time.

Stacking And Doubling Coupons

Some coupons terms may be confusing for beginners. I know when I first started couponing I wondered exactly what doubling coupons meant. The term doubling coupons refers to an incentive program in the grocery store. Many stores have a doubling coupon policy to encourage buyers to shop at their store. Every store policy is different but if you use a manufacturing coupon up to a certain amount the store will match the coupon price. For example say that you used a 50 cent coupon on milk. The store would take an additional 50 cents off the milk when they doubled the coupon.

Stacking coupons refers to using two coupons on the same item. This is often achieved by stacking a manufacture coupon with a store coupon. Target is an excellent example of this strategy. Target often offers store coupons in the weekly newspaper inserts and has a good selection of printable store coupons on their website. Target coupon policy allows you to pair a target coupon with a manufacture coupon allowing customers to double their savings at their store.

Be Familiar With Your Store’s Policy

There is a huge diversity of grocery store chains across the nation and to find the best deals you need to be familiar with your store and their coupon policies. This will give you the confidence you need to pick a couponing strategy and save your family money. While couponing can be time consuming, it can also be fun and rewarding.

Additional Tips For A New Couponer:

  • Never clear shelves.
  • Organize your shopping list and coupons by store aisle.
  • Make a spreadsheet for the items you plan to purchase with the final cost of each item.
  • Shop with another adult and leave children with a sitter so that you can concentrate.
  • Donate items when you get a large stockpile of certain items.
  • Never steal coupons.
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  1. Kathleen. W says

    Awesome tips I already use! But be sure you are not buying stuff you won’t use just because its on sale! Also, be sure to compare with generic or other name brands sometimes they are cheaper even without the coupon. I also go “cvs-ing” and get tons of stuff almost free, but beware they are expensive so don’t spend more because you saved a bit!

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