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I know what you are thinking. People have been breastfeeding for centuries. Do we really need all of this extra equipment – breast pumps, pillows, creams and lotions, milk tea, nursing covers? While breastfeeding may be one of the most natural things you will ever do, it does not always come naturally and instinctively to all of us and one of the things that can really help to get a breastfeeding relationship off to a successful start is a comfortable, supportive nursing pillow.

Breastfeeding PillowsSo, what do you need to look for in a good quality breastfeeding pillow? Generally, it should be firm enough to be supportive but flexible enough to use in a variety of positions and it should be at least partially washable so that it will last as long as your nursing relationship does. Least but not last, it should also be affordable.

Most User Recommended Brand

The New Boppy Nursing Pillow

I’m sure you have seen them, some of your friends or relatives may even have them. They are nearly synonymous with breastfeeding. The Boppy brand has a big fan base and they have just launch a redesign of their original product resulting in a MUCH better nursing pillow!

New Boppy Nursing Pillow

The Good

  • This C-shaped pillow can stretch to fit a variety of waists, body types and nursing needs.

  • It has an added belt to adjust it tighter to your body and to secure it higher up or lower on your waist as needed, making it functional and supportive for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding.

  • It has two sides!!!! A soft side and a firm side that can be used based upon your preference.

  • It is taller than the Original Boppy Pillow, making it ideal for women with longer torsos and making it unnecessary for most of us to have to use additional pillows for positioning while nursing.

  • The pillow can be washed and dried. You can also buy pillow protector covers to put on before putting on the printed cotton covers to further stretch the life of this nursing pillow.

  • It has a wide range of uses not limited to – feeding, propping the baby up for taking photos, propping the baby for tummy time, as a post-partum donut for mum, neck support while breast or bottle feeding, and support for babies learning to sit.

  • No straps, buckles, zippers or abrasive velcro.

The Bad

  • While the whole pillow is washable, the cover is not detachable, so it may not be as attractive after months of use.

  • It doesn’t have as many fabric/design options.

  • More expensive than the Original Boppy Pillow.

Comfort is a plus for the New Boppy Nursing Pillow. Helps keep the baby snug and comfy while breastfeeding!

Most Well Designed Nursing Pillow

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow

Several lactation consultants, new moms and experts were consulted in the design and manufacturing of My Brest Friend Deluxe Pillow, which went through over 50 changes before resulting in the final product on the shelves today.

My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

The Good

  • It has a body hugging crescent shape like most nursing pillows with an adjustable belt to hug the pillow to your body in the place and height that is most comfortable for you.

  • There is no gap between your body and baby when wearing the pillow strapped. You can even walk around with your baby on the pillow and still nurse comfortably!

  • There is a built in back pillow for lumbar support and to promote the maintenance of good posture while feeding.

  • It is firm and flat, keeping the baby elevated and preventing them from rolling forward or backward and compromising latch correctness and breastfeeding comfort.

  • It has a little pocket to hold nursing pads, lanolin creams, or your cell phone or TV remote. Whatever you need.

  • Easy to clean!

  • Easy for a first-time mom to use, no learning curve!

  • There is also a version of this pillow that is wider and larger for use with twins.

  • Affordable.

The Bad

  • Smaller, more petite moms may find it too bulky or too firm.

  • Many users have reported that there is a strong chemical smell when the product is removed from the package and the smell lingers for quite a long time.

My Brest Friend Deluxe is an awesome nursing pillow with excellent support. Makes breastfeeding more enjoyable and comfortable.

Most Versatile Breastfeeding Pillow

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Pillow

The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is the largest and longest pillow on the market fit for multiple uses beyond just breastfeeding.

Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Pillow

The Good

  • The cover is made of soft minky fabric and is very comfortable against your baby’s skin.

  • The covers are removable and washable.

  • Very supportive and yet very flexible.

  • Large size and length is a good fit for large moms, c-section moms and extended breastfeeding of toddlers.

  • Has no zippers or Velcro to irritate baby.

  • No flame retardants present in product.

  • Large enough to use with multiples.

  • Can have other uses like a maternity sleeping pillow, or just great neck support while lounging or watching television. Can also be used to prop up baby for tummy time and when learning to sit.

The Bad

  • Has no belt to secure it to the waist, leaving a gap between mom and baby.

  • Is supportive, but a little too floppy for the taste of some users.

  • Super soft fabric is a little warm for summer time use. Could make the baby uncomfortably hot while breastfeeding.

  • Too large and bulky for some body types.

The Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby Nursing Pillow is really versatile and comes highly recommended by moms of preemies, moms of multiples, plus-sized moms and c-section moms.

Best Non Allergenic Nursing Pillow

The Nesting Pillow Organic Nursing Pillow

This is the first fully organic pillow on the market. It is 100% organic and non allergenic. While many other models have organic covers, no others had organic fillers.

Best Organic Nursing Pillow

The Good

  • It is 100% organic. The shell is made of organic cotton and stuffed with organic buckwheat hulls. The cover is also 100% organic cotton.

  • It is firm but flexible and moldable, much like a bean bag.

  • It is multi-use. It can be used for nursing, for tummy time, for propping up baby, for assisting baby to sit, for abdominal support after a cesarean or for your own back or neck support.

  • The unique filling allows air to flow and circulate, keeping baby from the overheating that results with many nursing pillows.

  • The cover can be machine washed and dried and the pillow can be heat sanitized in the dryer.

  • It is 100% made in the USA and is shipped in recycled and compostable packaging.

The Bad

  • The pillow only comes in white with a white cover.

  • Using a pillow with this kind of shifting filler does take a little practice and the learning curve could be frustrating for new moms.

  • It is expensive!

A truly unique organic pillow that is ideal for “green” moms and babies who have sensitive skin.

Best Nursing Pillow For Multiples (Twins & Triplets)

Double Blessings San Diego Bebe Twins Breastfeeding Pillow

The San Diego Bebe Twins Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow is an extra wide, extra large pillow with attached nursing cover that is meant to help moms succeed at breastfeeding twins, triplets and other multiple sibling groups.

Twins Nursing Pillow

The Good

  • A firm, flat, lightly contoured pillow providing stable, steady support to your baby.

  • It has a machine washable cover.

  • It is large enough to use with two babies at once.

  • It is lead, phalate and PBDE free.

  • It comes with a plastic zippered carrying case so that you can travel more easily with it.

  • The top is angled, so babies are oriented towards the nipple for a better latch.

  • The cover is zipper free to avoid harming sensitive skin.

  • Some models have back support and attached nursing cover.

The Bad

  • While wonderful, not very durable. Some users claimed it lost its shape before their children reached their first birthday.

  • A little on the pricey side.

  • A limited number of colors and designs.

The San Diego Bebe Twins Nursing Breastfeeding Pillow is a must have for moms who have twins, triplets or multiples!

Most Ideal Nursing Pillow For Traveling

My Brest Friend Inflatable Travel Pillow

Manufactured by My Brest Friend that bought us the best designed nursing pillow, the convenience and inflatable nature of this travel pillow makes it ideal for moms who wants to breastfeed their baby on the go particularly during flying trips.

Inflatable Nursing Pillow

The Good

  • Is inflatable and folds flat for easy traveling.

  • Lightweight and easy to store.

  • Built in lumbar support.

  • Machine washable cover.

  • Low cost.

The Bad

  • Has to be inflated before using.

  • The cover material is reported as being much thinner and less durable than the covers that accompany the original product.

  • Some moms complain that the pillow start to leak air after several uses.

  • Has a limited number of colors and patterns.

A super convenient, lightweight travel pillow that can be use anywhere at any time. Great for travel nursing.

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  1. Deanna Balestra says

    No matter if they had or didn’t have these nifty pillow in the days of yesteryear – I adored my Boppy pillow! No more tired arms! And my baby loved to snuggle up between me and the pillow! It makes nursing and feeding baby comfortable! I don’t think the inflatable one would be as snugly, I think I will stick to the pillow types!

  2. Melissa says

    I had the original Boppy and while I used it at the beginning, I found that after a few weeks I had trouble getting it into the right position and that baby’s head was either too low (if I had my legs out in front of me) or too high (if I crossed my legs). This new Boppy design sounds MUCH improved! I had multiple friends recommend the My Brest Friend pillow, and it looks like the new Boppy has incorporated a lot of the features that the My Brest Friend pillow has had from the get-go. Makes me want to have another baby to try the new one out!

  3. Felicity says

    I had no idea that Boppy came out with a new pillow. I would definitely want to give that one a try. I had a My Breast Friend, which friends recommended. I used it, but I’ll be trying something different with future children. I’m not the most graceful or coordinated to start and we struggled a lot in the beginning with breast feeding (so maybe it was partially me), but I found the MBF very hard to use. I had to put a large bed pillow under it, or else my son was no-where’s near high enough to nurse without me leaning over a whole lot (which you’re not supposed to do). Once the MBF was high enough for him to nurse, the back support was then in the wrong place and was uncomfortable, although a lot of nursing pillows on the market look like they would cause the same problems. I think the MBF angled nursing pillow or the leachco (and now the new Boppy) look the most promising (for me, at least).

  4. Annie Marie Peters says

    Very thorough review of the top rated nursing pillows. Thank you for sharing! My sister used the Boppy and loved it, although you’re right, it did get very dirty after a few months. A washable cover would be a great improvement!

  5. Mariatu says

    I love the Boppy as I used it when breastfeeding my son. It was so convenient and although it did get a bit grubby after some months, I found that it came up good after wiping it with wet flannels and leaving out to dry in the sun.

    My baby was very comfortable in the pillow and it provided great support.

    I like the fact that this article has given a well rounded view of all the pillows and I may try another one if I ever have another child.

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